M'Hearties Little Cod Treats
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M'Hearties Little Cod Treats

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These delicious heart-shaped treats are made from 100% Icelandic pressed cod fillets and packed in a gorgeous, pocket-sized, keepsake tin. Offering a wonderful source of natural protein, these treats are naturally low in fat and contain no grains, sugars or any other additives at all - perfect for pets with allergies. They’re super tasty, adding a couple to meals is sure to entice particularly fussy eaters!

As Lily's Kitchen never use artificial additives to bind the fish together, from time to time you may find a small amount of fine powder within the packaging, which is perfectly normal.

These delicious heart-shaped treats are adored by both dogs and cats.

This is a complementary treat. When feeding treats don’t use too many to ensure they stay in good shape. Always ensure there is a bowl of fresh water available for your pet.
Total weight 34g 

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